Medical Photonics

Admission requirements

Necessary qualifications

To be eligible for the master programme Medical Photonics you should have a first degree (bachelor, diploma, state exam, or equivalent) in chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry/molecular biology or medicine.

Hörsaal-LobedaIn principle, graduates of similar degree programes will be admitted, if the degree is comparable to the degrees of the programmes named above. Comparability will be checked on a individual basis, especially by taking into account the degree and the time of studies, the applicant's curriculum and his/her letter of motivation. An admission with additional obligations that have to be fulfilled is possible.

Students of medicine are allowed to sign up for individual modules of the M.Sc. Medical Photonics programme during their studies of medicine to gain insight into special domains of Medical Photonics. After having graduated in medicine, students who decide to register for the Master programme can have previously completed modules credited.

Required grades

In principle applicants have to have earned the grade "good" or better (2.5 in the German grading system) for their first degree to be eligible for the M.Sc. Medical Photonics programme. Applicants with a lower mark, but fulfilling all other requirements may be admitted by the selection committee, if the application documents show extraordinary capabilities for persuing studies in the field of Medical Photonics. In case of doubt, a selection interview can be required.

Language skills

Since all modules are taught in English only, proficiency in English language is required. 

Required documents

For your application you will need the following documents:

  • a proof of a first university degree (bachelor, diploma, state exam) or, if the study programme is still in progress, transcripts of records showing that at least 140 credit points have been earned so far,
  • a typed application letter (max. 500 words) in which the applicant displays motivation
    and eligibility as well as skills relevant to the master programme (letter of motivation),
  • if available: proofs of scientific achievements ( i.e. scientific work, publications,  research projects, research or studies abroad),
  • if available: proofs of relevant work positions (i.e. biological technical assistant (BTA), chemical technical assistant (CTA) or medical technical assistant (MTA), job positions in the industry),
  • if available: proofs of proficiency in the English language.

Additional Informations

Information on the admission requirements can be found here and in §2 of the Programme Regulations ("Studienordnung").


Contact persons for questions related to the Master degreee programme Medical Photonics:

Dr. Holger Babovsky
Tel: 03641-9-33623

Prof. Dr. Christoph Biskup
AG Biomolekulare Photonik
Universitätsklinikum Jena
Nonnenplan 4
07740 Jena
Tel: 03641-9-397800
Fax: 03641-9-397802

Contact persons for general questions (i.e. application/enrolment process):

Tel: 03641-9-31126


The master degree programme starts only in winter terms. A regsitration to this program is only possible from April 1st to July 15th. More information about the application process can be found here.
Please, submit your applications via the Master-Online-Application-System of the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena.